Mountain Miracle

97 minutes 2017 6.2

13-year-old Amelie hates being sick. After a life-threatening asthma attack, she is sent to a clinic in the mountains by her parents. She is very bored, but then she meets Bart who works in agriculture. He tells of an ancient magical power that is to be on top of the mountains. Amelie becomes interested and escapes from the clinic to embark on a very risky trip up into the Alps. What she does not know is that Bart is following her in secret.

A gripping film about friendship, love, growing up and inner strength.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, adventure
Actors: Mia Kasalo, Samuel Girardi, Susanne Bormann, Denis Moschitto, Jasmin Tabatabai
Director: Tobias Wiemann
Producer: Phillip Budweg, Thomas Blieninger, Martin Rattini
Music: Tobias Kuhn
Script: Natja Brunckhorst, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen
Country: Germany
Language: German