100 minutes 2021 5.9

Jim is the new boy in the class, he is 11 years old and passionate about science and especially space. At school, he has to collaborate with Emma in a science competition.

Although she is initially reluctant, Jim persuades her to copy her idol Joseph Kittinger, who was the first human to travel to the edge of space. Together, the two sixth graders embark on the secret project of building their own helium balloon to travel up to space.

Along the way, the most incredible situations arise that bring them closer together. Spaceboy is a mix of comedy, adventure and maybe even a little romance.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, kids
Actors: Peter Van den Begin Jean-Benoît Ugeux Yannick Renier
Director: Olivier Pairoux
Producer: Annabella Nezri
Script: Olivier Pairoux, Eusebio Larrea
Country: Belgium
Language: Norwegian