81 minutes 2020 4.9

Moonbound is a cozy and exciting family film with an imaginative story about a boy who travels to the moon (in just his pajamas) to save his sister. There the siblings meet many magical creatures who help them on their journey.

The magical journey to the moon is based on an old fairy tale, which is far older than any kind of space program, and therefore there is something more magical on the moon than we are used to from the images NASA provides.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Peterchens Mondfahrt
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Adventure, animation, kids
Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi
Producer: Frank Geiger, Armin Hofmann, Ali Samadi Ahadi
Script: Ali Samadi Ahadi, Arne Nolting
Country: Germany
Language: Norwegian