The Show

82 minutes 2020 5.7

A mysterious man arrives in a small town in the middle of England. He introduces himself with different names and professions to all the people he meets. The only thing that is clear is that his task is to find a stolen item and the thief who stole it.

The Show is a dark world created by series writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta), where the unexpected always waits just around the corner. In the main role as the enigmatic detective, we find Tom Burke (Mank, The Souvenir) surrounded by magic, mystery and masked avengers.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Tom Burke, Ellie Bamber, Darrell D'Silva
Director: Mitch Jenkins
Producer: Thomas Brown, Michael Elliott, Jim Mooney
Script: Alan Moore
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English