102 minutes 2018 6.3

Alicja has lost her memory and thus also her place in life. She does not know who she is, and in the hope that friends or family members will get to know her, she appears in a nationwide television program. The appearance results in contact with a man who claims that her name is Kinga and is his daughter, and shortly after she is reunited with her parents, husband Krysztof and son Daniel. But no matter how much time she spends with her alleged family, and no matter how much she tries to remember, Alicja does not recognize any of them.

Fugue is a suggestive and visually striking psychodrama about the darkest wanderings of the human mind. With its cool cinematic language and dissonant tone, the film represents a clear break with director Agnieszka Smoczynska, who broke through with the rabid mermaid horror musical The Lure, but it's a gratifying development: Smoczynska's second feature film is an intense and eerily recognizable tale of a woman haunted itself.

The film is not playable outside of Norway