Veins of the World

96 minutes 2020 6.9

Amra is 11 years old and lives a traditional nomadic life with her family in a yurt on the Mongolian steppes. There are large gold deposits underground, and international mining companies are drooling over the riches. Amra's father, Erdene, is the leader of the last nomads who resist the mining companies' brutality. When Erdene dies in a tragic accident, it is up to Amra to stand up to the mining companies, with the few resources an 11-year-old has. Through everything from pranks to participation in the TV show "Mongolia's got talent", Amra does everything he can to follow his father's last wish.

This is a David - against Goliath story that is relevant both in relation to the exploitation of indigenous peoples and destruction of beautiful nature. Director Byambasuren Davaa has previously been nominated for an Oscar for his unusual talent for capturing the lives of Mongolian nomads on camera, with the audience success "The Story of the Crying Camel". Now she is back in Norwegian cinemas with the Golden Year, which in 2020 was Mongolia's official candidate for the Oscar for best international film.

The film is not playable outside of Norway