Blood and Glory

136 minutes 2016 6.4

South Africa 1901. The British Empire holds its inhabitants in an iron grip. Farmers, teachers and other civilians use weapons to defy tyranny, but the enemy turns out to be too strong. Those of the rebels who are not killed in the fight against the British are placed in the countless concentration camps set up by the colonial power. The most notorious of these is on the island of St. Helen, where the sadistic Colonel Swannel and his subordinates spend their time torturing and rugby.

Here comes the rebel Willem Morkel after the British burned his farm to the ground and murdered his wife and little son. Excited by rage and hatred, Morkel realizes that the road to freedom is long and hard, for the ruthless Swannel has no intention of letting anyone escape from St. Helena - and those who try are punished with death.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Modder en bloed
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, history
Actors: Charlotte Salt, Stian Bam, Grant Swanby, Patrick Connolly, Albert Maritz, Bok van Blerk, Jacques Bessenger, Altus Theart
Director: Sean Else
Producer: Sean Else, Llewelynn Greeff, Henk Pretorius
Script: Sean Else
Country: South Africa
Language: Afrikaans, English