Ugly, dirty and bad

116 minutes 1976 7.7

In a small barracks town outside Rome, the one-eyed Giacinto lives with his family, a total of twenty people from four generations, who support themselves through thefts  and prostitution. Besides those who have really bad jobs. Giacanto himself spends most of his time in the bottle and refuses to share the bundle of money he incubates as a verpsick hen. Money he has tricked from the insurance company after having poured calsite in his eye. The best thing to say about him is that he is consistent at least. He treats everyone equally badly. But when the tyrant puts a big-breasted mistress in his wife's bed, the family's patience fails. Put a huge pot of pasta on the stove, seasoned with pepper, basil and rat poison. A couple, three kilos. But no one knows what  tough life devil Giacinto is.

Ettore Scola is known for his political involvement. In Ugly, dirty and bad  he criticizes the glorifying way of portraying the slum: "In the bourgeois culture, the poor have always been portrayed as a good and positive human being and thus become the sacred cow of both the religious and the Marxists. That is not the case, "says Scola:" The outcasts that live on the fringes of society in the worst possible conditions are naturally worse off than all other people. "

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Brutti, sporchi e cattivi
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, comedy
Actors: Nino Manfredi, Linda Moretti, Maria Rosco, Maria Luisa Santella, Francesco Anniballi, Mario Bosco, Giselda Castrini
Director: Ettore Scola
Producer: Carlo Ponti
Company: Compagnia Cinematografica Champion
Photo: Dario Di Palma
Music: Armando Trovajoli
Script: Ettore Scola, Ruggero Maccari
Country: Italy
Language: Italian