Lost in London

103 minutes 2017 6.1

Woody Harrelson is in London with his family in connection with his work as an actor. But when his wife discovers that the local tabloid press has taken slippery pictures of her drunken husband in the company of three busty prostitutes, Helly is loose. Soon begins a night involving an Arab prince, a fight with Owen Wilson, an argument with a disabled person, gypsies throwing up, problems in a taxi, demolition of an ashtray, a trip to jail, a queer Bono, a visit to Harry Potter and much more, before Woody may / may not be reunited with his wife.

Lost in London is a completely unique film: Recorded in a recording in London and shown live in cinemas at the same time. Woody Harrelson has directed and written the semi-biographical comedy, which more than one would think is unfortunately based on true events. Woody himself plays the lead role and is flanked by, among others, Owen Wilson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rebecca Hazlewood and Willie Nelson.

The film is not playable outside of Norway