Stray Dog

105 minutes 2014 6.5

Ronnie "Stray Dog" Hall is a biker and Vietnam veteran. He is marked by the war, and hangs with his friends at a campsite, where he smokes and drinks. There are plenty of motorcycle-related pictures, guns, leather jackets and such, all the typical.

But soon the audience understands that "Stray Dog" offers more than you first notice. He cries when he talks to his therapist and shows love for small dogs. It proves that things are rarely as they first appear. People have multiple sides.

Director Debra Granik became famous after making the Oscar-nominated indie masterpiece "Winter's Bone", which also won the main prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. It was during the recording of "Winter's Bone" that Granik met Hall, because he had a small role in the movie.

The film is not playable outside of Norway