98 minutes 2011 7.3

Every year, 13 million young people are bullied in the United States. This harrowing documentary takes us into the everyday lives of five children and their families throughout a school year. Their testimonies, in addition to recordings from classrooms, school buses and canteens, provide an important insight into the daily harassment many people experience - especially in school contexts. Some children are driven to suicide by bullying, while others end up threatening their tormenting spirits with weapons.

Bully is not only a tragedy, but also a film full of hope and fighting spirit, with a desire to make a difference. The victims of bullying become the heroes of the film by telling their stories and bravely standing up for the right to be different.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Lee Hirsch
Producer: Lee Hirsch, Cynthia Lowen
Script: Lee Hirsch, Cynthia Lowen
Starring: Ja'Meya Jackson, Kelby Johnson, Lona Johnson, Bob Johnson
Country: USA
Language: English