Blown Apart

96 minutes 2008 5.8

Blown Apart tells the story of a young mother (Michelle Williams) who sees her life shattered in an instant. While her husband and son are at a football game, she has a short, hot affair with Jasper (Ewan McGregor). But their love affair is brutally interrupted by the news that her husband and son have been killed in a terrorist bombing. Now she is left with an all-consuming grief and an enormous guilt she cannot get rid of. As the world around her falls apart, she must try to find answers and redemption.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Incendiary
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, romance, thriller
Actors: Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, Matthew MacFadyen, Nicholas Gleaves
Director: Sharon Maguire
Producer: Adrienne Maguire, Andy Paterson, Anand Tucker
Script: Chris Cleave, Sharon Maguire
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English