Paradise Now

92 minutes 2004 7.4

In Paradise now we follow two Palestinian men, Khaled and Saïd, who work together at a car repair shop. They seem to be satisfied, and seem to be OK a routine life. Eventually it emerges that they have both given up on life, by devoting themselves as suicide bombers. When the day comes, it is still tougher for them to prepare than they thought, and we follow their anguish as they go through the regular rituals before martyrdom.

The film is more descriptive than normative, it does not explain what they are doing, but gives a face to the many who have sacrificed both their own and others' lives for what they believe. The film is a low-pitched scream about what's happening in the Middle East, but it's also scary news internationally and gives a rare glimpse into a closed universe.

The film is not playable outside of Norway