As Tears Go By

102 minutes 1988 7.0

Wah may be a Triad member, but he is quite low in the syndicate's hierarchy, and he has no particular interest in rising through the ranks. But he is still held back by his sense of duty, as he feels responsible for his "little brother" Fly who keeps getting into trouble. When he meets love, his loyalty to the triad is put to the test, but leaving the criminal life behind will prove to be easier said than done.

As Tears Go By is iconic auteur Wong Kar-Wai's directorial debut and an equally stylish and emotional crime drama set in Hong Kong's underworld.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Wong Gok ka moon
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, drama, romance
Actors: Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Alex Man, Lam Kau, William Chang, Chan Chi-Fai, Pak Yan, Chun Kwai-Bo, Fei Pak
Director: Wong Kar-wai
Producer: Alan Tang
Music: Danny Chung, Teddy Robin Kwan
Script: Wong Kar-wai, Jeffrey Lau
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese