If Only

92 minutes 2004 7.0

The talented musician Samantha loves her boyfriend Ian dearly - despite the fact that he first and foremost prioritizes the job. She's a romantic, he's a realist. She believes in fate, he in the bottom line ... until the day Samantha comes out of a fatal car accident. Only then does Ian find out what he has lost, and that Samantha was always the most important thing in his life. But fate is unpredictable, and Ian gets another chance. The only question is whether this time he will make the right choices ... and whether it is possible to change fate ...

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy, romance
Actors: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Nicholls, Lucy Davenport, Diana Hardcastle
Director: Gil Junger
Producer: Jill Gilbert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gil Junger, Robert F. Newmyer, Jeffrey Silver
Script: Christina Welsh
Country: USA
Language: English