Sometimes I Think About Dying

94 minutes 2023 6.5

Fran feels different and weird. She never fits in, and she often daydreams that she dies in unexpected and horrible ways. But when a new guy starts working in her office, Fran's self image changes. She suddenly realises that being different does not necessarily need to be a curse. Sometimes I Think about Dying is a romantic comedy about life, death and everyting in between. With Daisy Ridley (Star Wars, Murder on the Orient Express) and award-winning comedian Dave Merheje in the lead roles. 

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, comedy, romance
Actors: Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena
Director: Rachel Lambert
Producer: Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Kevin Armento, Katy Wright-Mead
Country: USA
Language: English