It's OK to Say No

14 minutes 2021

Jane is in 1st grade at Sandvika upper secondary school. All the girls in the class eat birth control pills in their break time, all except Jane, it seems. While the girls discuss when it is best to take the pill, the boys talk loudly about who they had sex with this weekend. Simen, the most popular boy in the class, is among them. He has got an eye for Jane. Nora, the class' popular girl, sees it as her task to satisfy Simen, and therefore invites both to a home alone party. The goal is to get Jane to sleep with Simen. The problem is that Jane has not had sex before, and she does not dare say she does not want to. During the party, Jane gets a condom from Nora, and is locked inside the TV room with Simen. She feels pushed into a corner, and is afraid of becoming a social low if she does not do what the rest of society expects of her. Before she does something she really does not want, Simen stops her and admits that he wants to wait.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Det er lov å si nei
Category: Short Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Jean Anderssen, Batuhan Berber, Mathilde Thomine Storm
Director: Aurora Nossen
Producer: Aurora Nossen, Marthe Strand
Script: Aurora Nossen
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian