Francis: Pray for Me

104 minutes 2015 6.1

When a teenager in Buenos Aires, Argentina, discovered his religious calling, it was the beginning of a journey that took him all the way to the Vatican in Rome. A journey that would make him the supreme leader of the Catholic Church: Pope Francis. This is his story.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Francisco - El Padre Jorge
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Biography, drama
Actors: Darío Grandinetti, Carlos Hipólito, Leticia Brédice, Silvia Abascal, Alejandro Awada, Emilio Gavira, Jorge Marrale, Blanca Jara, Leonor Manso, Alan Ferraro
Author: Elisabetta Piqué
Director: Beda Docampo Feijóo
Producer: Agustin Bossi, Pablo Bossi
Script: César Gómez Copello, Beda Docampo Feijóo
Country: Argentina, Spain
Language: Spanish