Illegal Activists

11 minutes 2017

What drives young people to break the law for a cause they believe in? This short documentary centres around the biggest civil disobedience action in Norway in 30 years.

We meet the couple Ane and Magnus, two young activists who are trying to stop the company Nordic Mining´s plan to dump 250 millions of tonnes of mining waste in the Førde Fjord on Norway's west coast. On the top of a freezing mountain they chain themselves to mining drills. They aim to save the life in the fjord, but are arrested and given big fines.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Ulovlige aktivister
Category: Short Film
Genre: Documentary
Director: Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter
Producer: Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian