Falkenberg Farewell

87 minutes 2006 6.4

The last summer in Falkenberg. Five childhood friends have grown up to be young men. David, who longs to be a child again, and Holger, who will stay there forever. The two best friends fly out to the forest and the sea, away from the future. Jesper, who keeps coming home without anyone noticing him, Jörgen, who wants to finance his new catering company "Breakfast in bed" with burglary, and John, who is always in a bad mood, but who thinks that bacon makes him happy. Adult life is lurking on the horizon, but not everyone will reach it all.

A film about friendship, memories and a final farewell to the small town by the sea.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Farväl Falkenberg
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: John Axel Eriksson, Holger Eriksson, David Johnson
Director: Jesper Ganslandt
Producer: Anna Anthony
Script: Jesper Ganslandt
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish