The Love Punch

94 minutes 2013 5.7

Richard Jones (Pierce Brosnan) is a middle-aged and divorced man, but is looking forward to a carefree life now that his company has been sold. But when he arrives on his last day of work, he discovers that the takeover has been fraudulent - so the business is bankrupt, the employees' pension fund has been emptied and his severance pay is gone.

Richard gets help from his ex-wife (Emma Thompson) to track down the shady businessman behind the scam. They are quickly caught in a cat and mouse game through Europe, in a network of intrigue, persecution, and a jewelry theft that may correct Richard's future prospects - all while the love for Kate grows ever bigger.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy
Actors: Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Tuppence Middleton, Timothy Spall
Director: Joel Hopkins
Producer: Jean-Charles Levy
Script: Joel Hopkins
Country: France, United Kingdom
Language: English