Burning Man

105 minutes 2011 6.4

Tom (Mattew Goode) struggles to keep his feelings intact after his wife dies after a long illness. He is a passionate and straightforward person who is used to expressing his opinions. But Tom seems to have lost his emotional state after his wife Sarah (Bojana Novakovic) had to give up the cancer. Tom struggles with his inner rage, which he verbally flushes over his son Oscar, and Sarah's sister Karen (Essie Davis). In his heyday, Tom had many female admirers. He has not lost all his charms yet, but his ability to persuade is greatly weakened, and a traumatic event forces him to take over how he treats others.

Best Film by Awgie Awars 2011. Winner of two FCCA Awards (the Film Critics Circle of Australia).

The film is not playable outside of Norway