113 minutes 2007 7.2

When Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) discovers that his young and beautiful wife Jennifer has a relationship with another, the planning of a murder begins - the perfect murder.

If there is a microscopic crack in a piece of metal, the skilled engineer Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) will find it. And if there is the slightest imperfection in his waterproof plan and tire operation to shoot his unfaithful wife, Crawford challenges you - and prosecutor Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling) to find it. Beachum's legal abilities and morals are pushed to the limit when he confronts Crawford in a cat-and-mouse game full of countermeasures and pieces that may be reminiscent of a raw party chess. Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear) is in charge of this well-played and adult courtroom drama and knows that we all have a weak point. It's just about finding it.

The film is not playable outside of Norway