Whale Rider

101 minutes 2002 7.5

According to the Whangara legends, their ancestors came to New Zealand's coast riding on the back of a whale over a thousand years ago. Since then, every first-born son in his lineage has led the people through compassion and adversity. But the crisis is approaching. After a fateful birth, the mother and one twin child who was supposed to carry the genealogy die. Thus the entire ancestral legacy is at risk. The surviving child is a girl.

Whale Rider is a wonderful story about a little girl who takes the fate of all her people into their own hands. The film has won almost all of the audience awards at festivals around the world, not least because of the extraordinarily charismatic starring Keisha Castle-Hughes. At just 11 years of age and without previous film experience, she was nominated as one of the youngest ever to receive the Oscar for Best Female Lead.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Te kaieke tohora
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Kids, drama
Actors: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rawiri Paratene, Vicky Haughton, Cliff Curtis
Director: Niki Caro
Producer: Tim Sanders, John Barnett, Frank Hübner
Photo: Leon Narbey
Script: Niki Caro
Country: New Zealand
Language: English, Maori