Welcome to the Rileys

110 minutes 2010 6.9

Doug and Lois Riley's marriage has completely collapsed after the murder of their daughter eight years earlier. While Doug finds comfort in waitress Vivian, Lois, weighed down by her conscience, shuts out the outside world and languishes at home. On a business trip to Baton Rouge, Doug meets the young prostitute Mallory. She reminds him of the couple's daughter and he decides to try to save her...

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Welcome To The Rileys
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Actors: Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, Joe Chrest, Ally Sheedy, Eisa Davis, Lance E. Nichols, Tiffany Coty, Peggy Walton-Walker, Sharon Landry
Director: Jake Scott
Producer: Giovanni Agnelli
Music: Marc Streitenfeld
Script: Ken Hixon
Country: United Kingdom, USA
Language: English