Den deprimerte klovnen

69 minutes 2021

At the age of 61, Knut suddenly falls into a severe depression, and isolated himself in his own darkness for over two years. No treatment seems to help. An act of terror and a group of Spanish clowns unexpectedly become what helps Knut out of the darkness. Today he lives a happy life - more meaningful than ever before.

A clown has both a permanent smile and tears, knowing that neither joy nor sadness can exist without the other. He knows he is going to die, therefore he lives.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Christian Wulff
Producer: Malene Oppheim
Photo: Christian Wulff, Rikard Amodei
Script: Christian Wulff
Starring: Knut Østrådal, Giovanni Fusetti, Ingrid Juell-Moe.
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian