The Sound of Scars

90 minutes 2021 7.1

The story of three friends who overcame domestic violence, substance abuse and depression to form Life of Agony, one of the most influential bands in their genre, led by the very first openly transgender vocalist. Through the success of their groundbreaking 1993 debut "River Runs Red", hailed by Rolling Stone as "one of the best metal albums of all time", they channeled their own shared life stories into the soundtrack of a devastated generation. The new fame allowed them to suppress the tragedies of the past, but in the wake of it, new obstacles arose.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary, musical
Director: Leigh Brooks
Producer: Veronica Bellino, Leigh Brooks, Mina Caputo, Alan Robert, Joey Zampella
Starring: Mina Caputo, Joey Zampella, Alan Robert, Veronica Bellino
Country: USA
Language: English