Ted K

120 minutes 2021 6.0

Former university professor Ted Kaczynski lives an isolated life in a living room in the woods. He has distanced himself from modern society and despises its belief in technological progress as a solution to the world's problems. In his radicalization, he carries out sabotage in the immediate area, but soon escalates to deadly bombings.

Based on Kaczynski's diaries and writings, Ted K is a portrait of one of the most fascinating and peculiar murderers and terrorists in our history.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Biography, crime, drama
Actors: Sharlto Copley, Drew Powell, Christian Calloway, Tahmus Rounds
Director: Tony Stone
Producer: Sharlto Copley, Matt Flanders, Tony Stone
Script: Tony Stone, John Rosenthal, Tony Stone
Country: USA
Language: English