Bunch of Five

84 minutes 1998 5.9

Schpaaa is the story of five semi criminal boys on the eastern side of Oslo. Jonas, his best friend Emir, and the rest of their gang: Jack, Ali and Lille-Jan. The boys are under the criminal age and the respect for the police is small. One day they get an assignment for a Yugoslav gang. The boys screw up the job. Suddenly everything is turned upside down and they are chased by a gang that does not go out of their way for anything.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, crime
Skuespillere: Maikel Andressen Abou-Zelof, Jalal Zahedjekta, Sharjil Arshed, Mickael Marman, Seth Raknes
Regi: Erik Poppe
Produsent: Finn Gjerdrum
Foto: John Christian Rosenlund
Manus: Hans Petter Blad, Erik Poppe
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian