Goethe in Love

102 minutes 2010 6.6

Goethe in Love is a bubbling comedy of love where the message is clear and simple; Greatest of all is love.

The young and beloved Johann Goethe meets the first great love in the form of the beautiful Lotte. And as in all classic stories, there is a love affair with obstacles.

One of the most classic works in literary history. Goethe in Love depicts the time before the author wrote ‘The Young Werther’s Disorders’, which set in motion a whole wave of suicides among young, love-hungry men.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Goethe!
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Romance
Actors: Alexander Fehling, Miriam Stein, Moritz Bleibtreu
Director: Philipp Stölzl
Producer: Mohammed Hans Dastmaltchi
Script: Alexander Dydyna, Christoph Müller
Country: Germany
Language: German