Paris Can Wait

92 minutes 2016 5.8

Anne stands at a crossroads in life. After a long marriage to a successful but self-absorbed filmmaker, she is suddenly on a road trip from Cannes to Paris with one of her husband's business associates. What should have been a day trip, develops into a journey of discovery in picturesque surroundings with exclusive food and wine, humor, joy and romance - experiences that give Anne a new taste of life.


The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Bonjour Anne
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Drama, comedy, romance
Actors: Diane Lane, Arnaud Viard, Alec Baldwin, Elise Tielrooy, Elodie Navarre, Serge Onteniente, Pierre Cuq, Cédric Monnet
Director: Eleanor Coppola
Producer: Eleanor Coppola, Fred Roos, Michael Zakin
Photo: Crystel Fournier
Music: Laura Karpman
Script: Eleanor Coppola
Country: France
Language: English, French