Michael Clayton

120 minutes 2007 7.2

From the filmmakers behind "The Firm" and "Erin Brockovich" comes an intense thriller with George Clooney as Michael Clayton. The truth is what he makes of it ....

It’s in the middle of the night but an attorney's office in a Manhattan skyscraper is still lit and busting with life. In a prison cell in Milwaukee, the brilliant lawyer Arhur Edens, sits and ponders how he could lose control in court. How could he, in the middle of the trial, throw his clothes and proclaim his love for a 19-year-old girl from across the room. Michael Clayton is assigned to investigate Arthur Eden's breakdown, and he soon realizes that there is more to it than one tense and overworked man. For the first time in his career with Kenner, Bach and Leeden, it is not enough for Clayton to just bury the secrets - he must dig down, even deeper.

The film is not playable outside of Norway