New Order

85 minutes 2020 6.5

A dystopian wedding party in Mexico - set for five days into the future.

In a fashionable residence in one of Mexico City's most affluent neighborhoods, a wedding is happening. Outside the upper-class walled neighborhoods, society is on the brink of collapse, and eventually the violent riots find their way into the wedding, in the form of a group of armed men and women who take the entire company hostage. At the same time, the military sees its average take advantage of the crisis to expand its power, and as the wedding develops into a bloody class struggle, a new and brutal social order emerges from the chaos.

Michel Franco's sharp, exciting and uncomfortably realistic new film depicts a dystopian future where social inequality has reached a critical point where the social contract is no longer perceived as valid - a scenario with obvious parallels to our own world. In this way, the bloody wedding becomes both a picture of a global trend and a Mexican state that exists in a permanent state of destabilized imbalance.

New Order is a hard-hitting socially critical thriller.

The film is not playable outside of Norway