A Dog Called Money

94 minutes 2019 6.6


In A Dog Called Money, Seamus Murphy portrays the creation of PJ Harvey's album "The Hope Six Demolition Project," and the result is an almost stream-of-consciousness-like portrayal of the critically acclaimed artist's work process. Harvey is not the type to sit and wait for inspiration, and with the notebook in hand, she sets out on a trip to Kosovo, Afghanistan and poor black neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. in search of images and destinies that can serve as a starting point for new songs. Then it carries back to London to record the album, in a specially designed studio that allows passers-by to observe the process through a one-way window.

The combination of Harvey's narrative voice and Murphy's sharp eye for scenes and motifs makes A Dog Called Money an evocative and fragmentary film that is ultimately less about The Hope Six Demolition Project than the thoughts, feelings and experiences that come from it. . This is a liberating unconventional documentary about a liberating unique artist.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Director: Seamus Murphy
Photo: Seamus Murphy
Music: PJ Harvey
Starring: PJ Harvey
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom
Language: English