All the Devil's Men

99 minutes 2018 5.1

Jack Collins is a war-junkie and former Navy SEAL turned bounty hunter who tracks down terrorists as part of the CIA’s outsourcing to private companies.

Battling personal demons, the powers that be think he is becoming a liability so his CIA handler offers him one last chance to keep fighting, sending him to London for a job.  There, he finds himself part of a three-man team tasked with hunting down a disavowed CIA Operative called McKnight before he procures a WMD from Russian gangsters and disappears.  The three soon find themselves locked in urban tactical combat with a former colleague, Deighton, and his private army who have been hired by McKnight as protection.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Action
Actors: William Fichtner, Milo Gibson, Sylvia Hoeks
Director: Matthew Hope
Producer: Amory Leader, Hannah Leader
Script: Matthew Hope
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English