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Drøm deg bort!

Going away or enjoying a staycation? There are movies for all occasions to be enjoyed. Travel with us at Filmoteket, completely free of heat strokes and long lines at the passport counter. 

How about a trip to France?

In Min sommer i Provence Marcel travels home for a last vacation before starting comprehensive school. A summer adventure seen through the eyes of a boy at the sunny French coast. Marcel and his friend Lili test their friendship when they encounter the beautiful Isabelle. 

Book a spot at the camping site with Dune and her family, where old and new friends meet in This One Summer. This summer Dune starts to see things in a more mature perspective. The film is a warm story of family and growing up. 

If you get tired of the countryside, then go to Paris! The film is a bittersweet tribute and a beautiful description of the city that never sleeps. 

Travel on to Italy with the classic Postmannen. (Il Postino). When famous author Pable Neruda flees Chile for a small Italian island, the local postman is overrun by mail. The film was nominated for several Oscars. 

From Italy we continue to Croatia in Murina, where tensions between Julija and her father rise under the hot sun. When an old family friend visits, Julija sees a possibility to escape her despotic father. 

Let's also go to Greece, in The trip to Greece. British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon take a final trip, with the intention of eating their way through the islands.

Stay in Europe with Berlin, I love You, where ten stories are tied into one romantic tale of love, compassion and forgiveness in the German capital. 

Fly first class to Costa Rica in After Words. When all hope is out, travelling may alter everything. 

But remember, Norway is also a gorgeous place to have a vacation! Héléne goes to Norway to come to terms with her serious illness, and her relationship with Mathieu is tested. In Héléne og Mathieu we get to enjoy the gorgeous scenery in Hjørundfjorden in Møre og Romsdal. 

So long and have a great filmatic summer!

Published: 09/07/2024   Last updated: 09/07/2024