See You Up There

116 minutes 2017 7.4

In October 1918, the horrific trench battles of World War I are soon over. The young soldier Edouard has survived against all odds, but with a deformed face. He realizes that he will soon have to return to his artistic life in Paris, but feels a strong aversion to his rich father that he will never see again. His lack of love for his son has ruined Edouard's life. Then he gets an idea, and persuades military comrade Albert to stage his own fictional death.

Free from his father's grip, but full of revenge against the system that sent him into the war, he and Albert set in motion an art deception that will deceive the whole of France. It turns out to be very risky when his father sees one of his works and recognizes the line. Could it be that his son, despite the death message, is actually alive?

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Original title: Au revoir là-haut
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Crime, drama, comedy
Actors: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Albert Dupontel, Laurent Lafitte, Niels Arestrup, Émilie Dequenne, Mélanie Thierry, Héloïse Balster, Philippe Uchan, André Marcon, Michel Vuillermoz
Author: Pierre Lemaitre
Director: Albert Dupontel
Producer: Catherine Bozorgan
Script: Albert Dupontel, Pierre Lemaitre
Country: France, Canada
Language: French