153 minutes 1927 8.3

Fritz Lang's masterful vision of the future.

In the futuristic metropolis Metropolis, the dictator Fredersen attempts to stir up the workers for revolution and self-destruction with the help of the mad scientist Rotwang, who would like to replace them with robots. Rotwang kidnaps the workers leadership figure Maria and replaces her with an identical looking robot that creates division among the workers underground. But Fredersen's son has fallen in love with Mary and goes down to the underground metropolis to find her.

Few have influenced as many directors as the visual virtuoso Fritz Lang - one of the absolute greatest in film history. He was active in Germany and against his own will one of Hitler's personal favorites, until he clearly showed his disgust for Nazism with the portrayal of the future Metropolis. After this, he was forced to flee to Paris.

The film is not playable outside of Norway