The Eye

98 minutes 2008 5.4

Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) is a successful concert violinist who lost her sight in a tragic accident when she was a child. As an adult, she gets a double corneal transplant, an operation she has been waiting for all her life, and which can give her her sight back. But Sydney's happiness does not last long as some inexplicable shadow-like and terrifying images begin to flicker on her retina. Could the images be a temporary aftermath of the operation? Are they a product of her own imagination, or something frighteningly real?

Eventually, family and friends begin to doubt her mental state, while Sydney becomes more and more convinced that her anonymous eye donor has opened the door to a scary world that only she can see - a world where the dead live.

The film is not playable outside of Norway
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Mysticism, horror
Actors: Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, Parker Posey, Rade Serbedzija
Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud
Producer: Don Granger, Michelle Manning, Paula Wagner
Script: Sebastian Gutierrez, Yuet-Jan Hui, Oxide Pang, Danny Pang
Country: USA
Language: English