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Ukas fredagsfilm // uke 14

This weeks Friday night movie is about being a child on the way to adulthood, accepting that some things will change and being to able to look forward. The acclaimed film has won several international awards. 

This weeks Friday night movie: Aftersun.

Calum and his 11-year-old daughter Sophie are on their annual chartertrip to Turkey. But someting feels different this time. She is a pre-teen with all the exploring that entails. Calum is trying to help her in the process, meanwhile dealing with his own problems. "When you leave home, you somehow don't belong anymore", he says. "But you never know where you might end up". The film is intimate, warm and somewhat melancholic, just like a nostalgic glance back at a childhood vacation should be. 

Wath the movie here


Published: 02/04/2024   Last updated: 02/04/2024